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New line of farm vehicles

O’CONNORS Border-town is proud to be the agent for the premium and tough Arctic Cat ATV and side-by-side utility vehicles.


O’Connors started supplying the brand two weeks back and salesman Scott Williamson said he was nothing but excited about the brand and the opportunity to provide some local service and back up for ATVs.

Scott said the features of both types of vehicles were great, but said he saw a big future in the side-by-sides.

“Side-by-sides range from 550cc-1000cc here and they are getting to the point that they will replace the ATV bikes in the marketplace,” Scott said.

“Go back eight years ago, a lot of farmers wouldn’t consider side-by-sides because they weren’t fast enough or smooth enough in the paddock.

“Now, we have a 700cc here which is fast enough that you can round up the cattle and its suspension has a lot more travel.”

One feature model in store is the HDX 700, a unique model as it has three seats – most models only boast two.

The vehicle has a very handy tipping tray which can carry 450kg.

The engine is a single cylinder, cvt transmission and of course, has the alloy wheels.

If it’s an ATV you are after, O’Connors can offer various sizes from 90cc for kids right through to 1000cc.

They also offer a diesel 700cc twin cylinder model which is safer for farm work by reducing the chance of fire through heat and less static electricity.

“It’s a reputable American brand,” Scott said.

“They’ve been in existence for 50 years making mainly snow mobiles, but since 1995 they’ve been making ATVs.”

“They are a premium product, they put a lot of time and effort in making the product, are well assembled machines and mostly manufactured in Minnesota, USA.

“For us, it’s just about diversifying, taking a look at the market and realising what the customers want.”